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Dangers of asbestos.

Despite the awareness of the dangers of asbestos from the early 20th century the sale of brown and blue asbestos was only banned in the U.K in 1985.

White asbestos remained legal until 1999.

In practice, this means that any building built before 2000 may contain asbestos or (ACM’s), asbestos containing materials.

Asbestos has also ended up in toys and other products for children, such as crayons and makeup, through the addition of asbestos-contaminated talc.

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Businesses have a legal duty to manage the asbestos in their property, factory, or outbuildings, it is, therefore, essential you know what materials are made of and their location. Anyone carrying out work at the premises such as electricians, gas fitters, plumbers, carpenters, etc. can then be informed of the location of the asbestos-containing material before any work starts. To buy an asbestos kit is quick and easy. It is the duty holders’ responsibility to protect anyone on their premises from the risks of ACMs.

Cement roof sheets.
Asbestos insulation board.
Spray lagging.
Cement pipework.
Vinyl floor tiles.
Decorative textured wall and ceiling finishes. (like artex).

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About Our Asbestos Kit for any material


Our company provides two different packages for you to take your home self sample asbestos test.

1. Full PPE Asbestos testing kits.

2. Self sampling kits.

Both will be tested at a laboratory and provided with a UKAS Certificate.

Order sampling kits, No PPE included


Just to send in your samples and receive a UKAS certificate.
1. No PPE included from us.

2. You have your own suitable PPE.

3. Just a sample needed.

Sampling only kit.

With over 3000 different products known to contain asbestos, it is important you check any suspected Asbestos Containing Material (ACM) prior to works which may disturb it and potentially expose people to asbestos fibres.

Homeowners can collect samples and have them tested, but it’s much safer for you and your family to hire a trained asbestos professional for the job.

Even if a repair seems very small, you should order a sampling/testing kit when asbestos may be present. Not proper handling of safely managed asbestos can create an exposure risk where there was none before.

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