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Artex asbestos kits with full PPE or just self sample kits available.

Most of our customers test for asbestos in artex. It is known that most properties built before or in 1999 have artex ceilings in the home.

Most people do not realise that when redecorating their ceilings, it could contain asbestos.

If you are thinking of changing your out-of-date artex around the home, having new plaster or it is damaged, it is best to have it checked if your property was build before the year 2000.

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Home or commercial asbestos testing kits for any material.

Our artex asbestos kits cover more than just artex, you can sample whichever material you are concerned about around the home or outside buildings.

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PPF3 asbestos testing kit.

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About our artex asbestos kits.

Our company provides two different packages for you to take your home self sample asbestos test.

1. Full PPE Asbestos testing kits.

2. Self sampling kits.

Both will be tested at a laboratory and provided with a UKAS Certificate.

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Just to send in your samples with UKAS certificate.
1. No PPE included from us.

2. You have your own suitable PPE.

3. Just a sample needed.

Sampling only kit.

These textured ceilings are often found in bedrooms and hallways for its sound dampening properties. It was also often used because it could easily hide imperfections on ceilings. These were popular in the second half of the 20th century, all the way up until the eighties. In 1978, asbestos was banned in ceiling treatments by the EPA’s Clean Air Act of 1978, which lead to a drop off of popularity. However, any existing inventories were allowed to be sold and used in manufacturing, which lead to asbestos-containing ceilings all the way into the 90s.

Get your textured popcorn artex ceiling tested

If you are looking at a new home or re-plastering a ceiling in your own home, the first advice is to get it tested. If there’s no asbestos, it will be much cheaper to remove, and if there is asbestos, it is very dangerous to remove.

Artex popcorn asbestos ceiling

Accredited UKAS Laboratory results.

At the laboratory, they identify asbestos fibres using Polarised Light Microscopy.

This includes common asbestos fibres such as Chrysotile (white), Amosite (brown), and Crocidolite (blue) as well as other less known asbestos fibre types.

Asbestos in your home.