Asbestos Testing Kit.

Order below for either a full PPE asbestos kit, or self sample kit.

Asbestos Testing Kit.


Our company provides two different packages for you to take your home self sample asbestos test.

1. Full PPE Asbestos testing kits.

2. Self sampling kits.

Both will be tested at a laboratory and provided with a UKAS Certificate.

Order sampling kits, No PPE included.


Just to send in your samples with UKAS certificate.
1. No PPE included from us.

2. You have your own suitable PPE.

3. Just a sample needed.

Sampling only kit.

There are always areas of a house or commercial building which could be positive for asbestos.

One of the main materials, in a house or bungalow, would be of cause, be artex!.

This was not banned until 1999. Usually, if it is not flat smooth based, it is likely it could contain asbestos.

Artex could be swirls, Bobbles, or popcorn effect and can be on walls as well as ceilings.

There are different types of asbestos found in commercial buildings.  It is from fire blankets, lagging, fire doors, downpipes, and more.

asbestos containing tiles.

Good information can be found on the HSE website about where you can possibly find and asbestos.

It can be found in cladding, roofs, flues, gutters, and even sewer pipes.

You can have a quick look here if you have any doubt.

HSE website

Asbestos test.

Asbestos testing kits company are here to help and make sure you have an easy experience in taking your own samples for finding any kind of asbestos in your home. 

We provide easy instructions and supply all that you need to get a sample. 

When the lab receives your samples, it is usually a 24-48 turnaround for results with a UKAS certificate.

These will be emailed to you as soon as we receive the results for your asbestos test kit samples.

Asbestos Testing Kit.