Asbestos Testing Gallery

ACM’s need to be tested in the home or in commercial properties.

Asbestos can be found in all parts of the home.

asbestos testing kits. kit for asbestos.

Accredited asbestos testing lab.

asbestos kit fibres testing kit.
Artex popcorn asbestos ceiling
Asbestos testing kits for commercial
artex asbestos kits. kit.

Our company can supply you with testing kits for asbestos.

asbestos kit fibres testing kit.
Cement asbestos sampling kits

Full kits or sample only for asbestos testing.

Prices from £21.99 or £26.99.

All asbestos testing kits include a UKAS certificate.

Order before 2 pm
We will send your artex asbestos kit out first class the same day.

As soon as the laboratory receives your samples, results within 24-48 hrs. UKAS certificate e-mailed to you.

    • Asbestos testing.
    • Artex asbestos testing.
    • Sample test for ACM’s.
    • UKAS certified Laboratory.
    asbestos kit for testing. kits.
    Artex asbestos testing kits.
    gallery for asbestos kit.

    We ordered just a one-sample only kit. Ordered at 2 pm and received the kit the next morn. We did our sample straight away and popped it back in the post. I was emailed my results the following day. Very happy with this company.

    Was in need of artex tested in my kitchen. Ordered a kit with PPE, got my results back quickly. Would recommend.

    Asbestos kit, sample kits available at affordable prices. Our company wants everyone to be covered at a comfortable price and having a safe home for all your family.

    Some ACM’s (asbestos-containing materials) are hidden throughout your property. If you have any doubt in your mind, “this could contain asbestos“, there is no way of knowing unless it is tested from a certified UKAS Laboratory.

    asbestos testing kit for testing. kits.

    From just decoration to your artex ceiling to knocking down a shed, asbestos could potentially be disturbed. Dangerous fibres released into the air then become respirable and, as a result, are highly hazardous.

    Asbestos cement products – roofs, wall cladding, downpipes and gutters, flues.

    Asbestos Insulation Board (AIB) – partition walls, fire doors (fireproofing panels), lift shaft linings, ceiling tiles, soffits, the panel below windows.

    Lagging – on pipes and around boilers.

    Asbestos Sprayed Coating – ceilings, walls, and beams.

    Textured Coating — ceilings and walls.

    Floor Tiles, Textiles, and Composites – under floor tiles, fuse boxes, and old toilet cisterns and window panels.

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