Kit for asbestos test.

With our company, we can provide either PPE full kits or sample-only kits.

Asbestos can be found in any kind of home, outside buildings, such as garages, roofs, and tiles, also in commercial buildings.


Asbestos was not banned until 1999.

  • A lot of properties that still look clean and new could have been built just before the deadline of banning asbestos in 1999.
  • Asbestos kits are simple to use with our easy instructions.
  • UKAS certificate will be supplied with your results for asbestos test kits.

Asbestos test kit for asbestos test.

  • We provide a UKAS certificate.
  • Independent company.
  • Orders before 2pm, sent out the same day.

Kit for asbestos test.


Our company provides two different packages for you to take your home self sample asbestos test.

1. Full PPE Asbestos testing kits.

2. Self sampling kits.

Both will be tested at a laboratory and provided with a UKAS Certificate.

Order sampling kits, No PPE included


Just to send in your samples with UKAS certificate.

1. No PPE included from us.

2. You have your own suitable PPE.

3. Just a sample needed.

Sampling only kit.

Full Asbestos testing kit

FFP3 Disposable Face Mask.
Disposable Nitrile Gloves.
Disposal Bags for PPE.
Sample Bags.
Prepaid Return Envelope.               UKAS CERTIFICATE with results. 

self sampling analysis asbestos kits

Sample Bags.
Risk Assessment and Sampling Instructions.

Prepaid Return Envelope.

UKAS CERTIFICATE with results.

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If you place your order before 2 pm we send your kit out the same day.

All kits come with everything you need to take a sample. Included is easy to follow step by step guide.

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Kits for asbestos testing in the UK.

We are an independent company providing full PPE kits or sample only asbestos test kits.

Our kits are easy to use with instructions supplied to you to test for asbestos.

As soon as the laboratory receives your samples, the results come back 24-48 hours.

Kit for asbestos test.

Kit for asbestos test.


Asbestos in Artex Surface Coatings